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Benefits of Cosmetic Dental Implants?

Gone the days when treatment of one or more missing teeth are only bridges and dentures. Thanks to the continuous innovations in dental care, we now have what we call cosmetic dental implants. This type of cosmetic dental procedures  are considered the golden standard when it comes to missing teeth replacement. 


If you are considering or planning to get this dental treatment, it might be worthwhile  to learn more about it in order to know what procedures you are getting yourself into. Read on as we further delve into the details of this treatment, how it can benefit you, and why patients prefer them over dentures or bridges. 


What Are Cosmetic Dental Implants? 


Do you want to replace your missing or damaged teeth? Dental implants is the answer. 


Cosmetic dental implants, also known as dental implants, replace the missing tooth’s natural roots. Soon, the bone around the implant grows to the point that it holds it in place. Once the dental implants is already in place, the artificial tooth or the crown is placed to fill the tooth gap. The dental crown will be customised to match its adjacent teeth’ colour, shape, and size. 

Furthermore, implants can be used to secure in place the other tooth restoration options, such as dentures and bridges. 


While it may be an effective tooth replacement treatment, this option still has some drawbacks.  


One prominent disadvantage is that it is a surgical procedure, already a given that it exposes the patient to risks such as infection, bleeding, and nerve-related injuries. Another matter, is that in some cases, it might need several appointments to have it completed and that it requires a specific bone volume and density. 


However, worry not because many patients who already experienced this treatment can say that the advantages outweigh the said disadvantages. Below, we listed several benefits you can gain from a dental implant that you can’t get from dentures or bridges. 


8 Benefits of Cosmetic Dental Implants 


Have you lost one or more your teeth? Dental implants are worth considering. But if you are still doubting or feeling nervous about that idea, read on as we have produced a list of benefits you can get from obtaining this dental treatment. Who knows? This list might seal the deal for you to get this treatment finally. 


1) Looks, feels, and behaves as natural teeth. 


The best thing about dental implants and the prosthetic tooth fitted in them is that, the results are close to your natural teeth. Your dentist can match the colour of your prosthetic tooth to that of the surrounding teeth. It also acts like natural teeth, mainly because it is more robust and functional since the implants are directly placed in your jawbone, having more stability than other restoration options. 


2) Reduces the risk of bone loss. 


Losing a tooth also means that you lose bone mass around the gap because the root that ossifies or strengthens the bone no longer exists. The dental implant can stimulate the growth of a new bone, preventing any chances of future bone loss. This process is called osseointegration in which the dental implant becomes fused with the jawbone that any attempt to separate it will cause a fracture. 


3) It supports the structure of your whole face. 


Since implants help reduce the risk of bone loss, they can also help with the overall facial structure since bone loss is the main culprit in making someone look sunken and older than they are. As mentioned, implants strengthen the bone; hence, they also improve the facial structure and prevent it from changing your face shape. 


4) Helps you save on overall costs. 


Sure, dental implants can be costly compared to the costs of dentures and bridges. But less expensive restoration options may require regular replacement. Implants have a higher success rate, and they eliminate the risks of other dental problems such as teeth crowding and speech difficulty. 


5) Enables you to eat and drink like you usually would. 


People with dentures often complain about having problems with chewing and eating their meals. Some would even have to change the kind of food they eat because dentures are not positioned well enough to bite on much harder food, such as dry bread or corn on the cob. Once the implants heal and become stable, you should be able to eat and drink like you normally would. 


6) Improves confidence. 


It cannot be denied that losing teeth can affect your confidence. You will surely avoid smiling, laughing, and talking for fear of receiving any comments regarding their missing teeth. Even if they wore dentures, there is still the fear about their dentures moving. Fortunately, that won’t happen with dental implants since these are fixed in place on the jawbone, giving you the confidence that you need to smile, talk, and laugh without any worries. 


7) Allows you to speak normally. 


Tooth restoration options like dentures can affect how you pronounce words, and they change your speech. This can be a hassle, and this also affects your confidence in talking. But because dental implants function as your natural teeth would, you can still speak with ease and confidence. 


8) Supports gap’s with neighbouring teeth. 


Even if you only lose a tooth, it can cause excess straining on the adjacent teeth of the tooth gap. The neighbouring teeth strain to compensate for the absence of the tooth. In the process, it causes misalignment, which can be a costly dental problem. If you use dental implants to fill the gap, it will have a healthy and favourable impact on the adjacent natural teeth, and it counteracts all the adverse effects of tooth loss. 


Why Do Patients Get Dental Implants? 


Implants can potentially enhance the quality of life of many patients in many ways. They get dental implants to replace their missing tooth more permanently. Instead of getting removable dentures, implants are fixed and fitted into the patient’s mouth. Patients also prefer dental implants because they are durable, look and feel natural. In addition, they can also potentially improve their speech and breathing. 


Seek Assistance on Dental Implants at Chadstone Dental 


If you are convinced to finally get cosmetic dental implants, you might want to seek assistance from Chadstone Dental. We will direct you to a periodontist who can place the dental implants, and we will provide the restorations you need. To finally achieve that natural-looking smile you have always wanted, be sure to contact us today on (03) 9568-0222 or info@chadstonedental.com.au to get started and guide you to a better mile.